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Q1:How to open an account for company?
A1:Polish company should provide the following documents:
1. Article of association
2. Original documents KRS
3. Decision of board(if applicable)
4. Shareholder structure
5. The latest annual report (if applicable)
6. Original ID document of Legal representative, authorized person or other person included in KRS
7. Notarized specimen, ID, POA are needed, if legal representative cannot visit bank in person.
8. UBO (person who holds over 10% shares) need provide ID and proof of residence (electricity, gas, water bill or registered letter not older than 6 months)
9. Document related to source of wealth of the UBO
10. Please call 0048 22 22788066 to consult the bank in case company is registered in abroad.

Q2:Is your deposit protected by a Deposit Guarantee Scheme?
A2:The Bank is operating in the Netherlands as a Branch of ICBC (Europe) S.A. which is incorporated in Luxembourg and for this reason falls into the scope of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of Luxembourg (hereinafter referred to as “DGS”), under which the Customer can have up to 100000 EUR reimbursement.

Q3:When you login to internet banking for the first time the password box and the verification codebox shows red cross?
A3:When logging in for the first time, possibly no Active X control software has been installed, so it prompts this error message. To make sure you select the right version (32 bit or 64 bit) you should determine your system. First right-click "My Computer", select "Properties and then system type" to determine the type of operating system, then download and install the corresponding "online banking assistant."

Q4:If you enter the wrong password several consecutive times, what will happen?
A4:If in one day the wrong password is entered three times in a row your internet banking will be temporarily blocked. The next day it will be unblocked.
If the wrong password is entered 10 times, your internet banking will be permanently frozen. Customers will need to visit the branch to reset their password in order to continue using online banking services.

Q5: What should you do if Dynamic Token is blocked?
A5: Contact the bank to unblock Token, if you enter wrong password for three times in a row.

Q6: What should you do when system tells you the dynamic code verification failed; even all your operations are correct.
A6: Deviation of internal clock of the password token may result in verification error for dynamic code. If the dynamic code verification goes wrong for twice in a row, please calibrate the dynamic password token in customer service. The calibration can be processed 10 times per day.

Q7:What should the customer do when they forgot their password?
A7:Customers will need to visit the bank and bring their ID in order to reset the password at the counter.

Q8: What kind of currency is available for FX Spot trade?