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Information about cookies

  1.1.Cookies are small text files installed on the device of a User browsing the Website.  Cookies collect information facilitating the use of the website – e.g., by recording User's visits to the Website and activities carried out by the User.
  1.2.The Controller uses “service” cookies primarily for the purpose of providing electronically supplied services to the User and improving the quality of such services. Accordingly, the Controller and other entities providing analytical and statistical services for the Controller use cookies by storing information or obtaining access to the information that is already stored in the User’s telecommunications end device (computer, telephone, tablet, etc.).  The cookies used for this purpose include:user interface customisation cookies, for the duration of the session or slightly longer.

  2.1.Any use of cookies for the purpose of collecting data via such cookies, including obtaining access to data stored on the User’s device, requires the User’s prior consent. Such consent can be withdrawn at any time.
  2.2.Such consent is not required only in the case of cookies whose application is necessary to provide the telecommunications services (data transmission for the purpose of displaying contents).
  2.3.The User can withdraw his or her consent for using cookies in his or her Internet browser settings. For detailed information, see:
   2.3.1.Internet Explorer:
   2.3.2.Mozilla Firefox:
   2.3.3.Google Chrome:
  2.4.The User can verify the status of his or her current privacy settings for his or her browser at any time using the tools available under the links provided below: