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ICBC Corporate Internet Banking

ICBC Internet Banking provides you with convenient, safe and efficient online services, including account management, transfer and remittance for 7x24 hours.

1. Function & Features
(1) Account management
You could easily manage the capital condition of your company by logging on the internet banking to inquire the information of your registered current accounts, including the transaction history, statements of account.

(2) Transfer and payment
You could transfer funds between your own corporate accounts or to external accounts.

(3) Remittance
Polish interbank and cross-border remittance could be done with simple operation and favorable commission.

2. Safety Instruction
Dynamic password token
Transactions on ICBC internet banking are performed by dynamic password token, which is the most recognized strong customer authentication device, provide dynamically changing codes to internet banking transactions, it can facilitate your operation with secure and convenient guarantee.

3. Application procedure
With easy and simple application procedure at our counter, you could get access to the internet banking service instantly.