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Notice of general terms and conditions change
In relation with amendments of the applicable legal regulations and changes in the method of providing certain services to Customers, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) SA Poland Branch informs that pursuant to Art. 12 of "General terms and conditions of opening and running of bank accounts for legal persons, non-corporate entities and natural persons conducting a business activity by the bank" (the "General conditions") the Bank introduces changes to the content of the General conditions.
The new GTC and significant changes will be sent to the address and e-mail you provided to the Bank. Please pay attention to receive and send back new General conditions with authorized signature.
Changes introduced by the Bank involve also introducing new method of transaction authorization, which requires use of a dynamic password token. The token should be picked up in person at the Bank's headquarters. Please note that after 14 September 2019 the previous authorization method using the USB key will not be applicable anymore and transactions can be performed only with the dynamic password token.